English speaking doula

My name is Petra Nerodilová and I am an English speaking doula.


English speaking doula #

My name is Petra Nerodilová, and I am a mother of three kids. Although all three labors were totally different, they had one thing in common. Every time, it was an amazing and strengthening experience that helped me grow as a woman. I believe that the crucial and essential factor was the support I received. That is why I decided to become a doula: to help and support other women to experience childbirth as closely aligned with their preferences as possible.

There are moments in life when not everything goes as planned, and the same happens during pregnancy and delivery. But if you have someone you can rely on, share your doubts and fears with, someone who stands by you, you can navigate all troubles more easily.

As a doula, I offer my services in both English and Spanish. Becoming a mom or dad in a foreign country may be challenging, and I am ready to accompany you throughout the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as needed. As a doula, I can:

  • Help you get oriented in understanding how the Czech healthcare system works for expectant mothers in general.
  • Help you clarify your expectations and wishes regarding labor.
  • Minimize language barriers when communicating with medical staff.
  • Provide emotional and physical support before, during, and after labor.
  • Be available for you during the postpartum period, offering emotional support and answering any questions you may have.

I live in Úvaly and offer services in nearby areas within approximately one hour, including Prague, Neratovice, Mělník, Mladá Boleslav, Nymburk, Kolín, and some others.

If you feel you might need my support, I will be happy if you contact me.

Price list #

Introductory meeting (30 minutes) Free
Antenatal meeting 300 CZK / hour
Rebozo massages 300 CZK / hour
Travel costs 6 CZK / km
Labour package (includes the following services):
  - Due date booking
  - Being on call from pregnancy week 38
  - Support during labour
  - 1 visit after the birth
  - Postpartum phone consultations
  - English interpretation during labour
7 000 CZK